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The Disco Party Package

Our disco parties include space hoppers, hula hoops,

bubbles and music to warm up followed by dancing, party routines, singing, games, competitions, pom poms, inflatables and amazing prizes! These packages include a food break half way through and are for 4+ and mixed age groups. Our most popular package is a two hour party and this starts from £195 

The Young Party Package

Our young parties include bubbles, pom poms, music time with instruments, singing nursery rhymes, parachute games, dancing to action songs, pass the parcel and musical statues before a food break. During the break we set up soft mats, a soft play set, ball pools full of balls, tunnels, tents, and ride ons. Once the children finish, they are free to play and enjoy while we keep the music going. Our most popular package is a two hour party and this starts from £225

School Discos

Our school discos are full of dancing, singing, games, competitions 

and fun so tell your school about us today!

We're READY, we're STEADY, to PARTY!...are YOU!